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This is my personal website. I am a Senior Teaching Fellow in Quantitative Social Sciences at UCL Institute of Education, University College London, and an Associate Fellow of Nuffield CollegeUniversity of Oxford. Previously, I was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences of Nuffield College and the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford. I am interested in cooperation, trust, prosocial behaviour, and the (political) sociology of religion. I use formal mathematical modeling (such as decision theory and game theory) as well as experimental tools extensively. In addition, I work on advanced statistical methods including multilevel models (using, e.g., Stata/GLLAMM), nonlinear latent variable modeling (using Mplus), and Bayesian item response models (using OpenBugs).

Before moving to the UK, I have obtained a PhD (cum laude--with distinction) in sociology from the ICS research school of Utrecht University in August 2013. I also hold a MSc degree (cum laude) from the research master program “Sociology and Social Research” of Utrecht University and a BA degree in business administration from Bogazici University, Turkey. 
I have published in several peer-reviewed international journals in sociology, social psychology, political science, and game theory. In addition to research, I teach master’s and bachelor’s level courses on mostly quantitative methods and data science. 

See my CV for the details of my profile. Here are my academia.edu and linkedin profiles. You can send me an e-mail from ozan.aksoy[at]ucl.ac.uk or aksoyundan[at]gmail.com

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